Dunlop defies gravity

It´s the greatest test we´ve ever set our tyres: a loop-the-loop World-Record, without the aid of a safety net.  We´ve done it!  Conceived by Dunlop and Fifth Gear, we drove upside down on a 40ft high loop, with a set of Dunlop tyres keeping our car on the road.  The world premiere of the stunt footage can now be seen above,  as well as more amazing behind the scenes footage.

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  • znak says:
    17.08.2009 13:56
  • Thanks for post

  • Mare54 says:
    04.08.2009 14:40
  • Odważniak i ryzykant

  • Ixa-toys says:
    14.07.2009 13:25
  • Dunlop is the best tire on the world, very nice....

  • luciano truglia says:
    27.06.2009 22:29
  • bravvoooooooooo

  • ? says:
    22.06.2009 13:20
  • top gear is better evryone wankers!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • astanasti says:
    21.06.2009 15:09

  • GarykPatton says:
    16.06.2009 14:50
  • How soon will you update your blog? I\'m interested in reading some more information on this issue.

  • De Lai says:
    16.06.2009 12:41
  • Fake!!

  • Sven Kockelman says:
    14.06.2009 12:51
  • ik zeg POEP

  • emirches!! says:
    13.06.2009 11:16
  • fantastik bravoooo

  • ginge says:
    08.06.2009 21:41
  • my 2 year old has done this stunt with her phat wheels cars and a plastic track

  • skeelo69 says:
    08.06.2009 20:07
  • The laws of physics,speed,and centrifugal force and a good set of Dunlop tyres all came together beautifully,I only wish that the successful attempt was used in a advertising campaign.

  • Tomas says:
    27.05.2009 15:27
  • Fantastic!!! :)

  • AHD says:
    26.05.2009 15:46
  • I am impressed with whoever built the track. With the g-Force it would be like 6 tonnes of car hitting the ramp and it did not move an inch! Try it on your Scaletric & you\'ll see what I mean. We are often told an F1 car produces so much aerodynamic downforce that it could drive on a ceiling at 60 mph. Fancy trying that one next?

  • Godfrey says:
    26.05.2009 01:13
  • The European stunt team did the same stunt at every show until they disbanded due to lack of money at Pennycross Stadium Plymouth in the late 50s. Driver was a guy called Jock Maxwell and he went on to become a good Formula Junior stock car driver and worked in a local Plymouth garage

  • Fred Mercer says:
    25.05.2009 06:10
  • Very good! What about a \'Barrel Roll\' next?

  • Dave says:
    25.05.2009 04:14
  • Wheres the version where your towing the caravan or the boat? Cool stunt...

  • NZ Bandit says:
    24.05.2009 22:40
  • Great lets see different cars with different power.....I want to see two loops.....and i want to see the practice videos........How about an Aston Martin. I will have a go and you dont even have to pay me.

  • Timbo says:
    24.05.2009 15:16
  • They\'re not the best tyres in the Dunlop range - sp30s - but still pretty solid if they can hold 6g :-)

  • peter pan says:
    24.05.2009 13:49
  • that looks easy, i could properly do that by running

  • sandwad says:
    23.05.2009 21:08
  • why a perfectly good aygo

  • Andrew from USA says:
    23.05.2009 20:51
  • Thats Fifth Gear for you. The tires dont like impressive but I bet that stunt was awesome in person. seth38101 -youtube

  • blobby says:
    23.05.2009 16:44
  • But those dont even look like special tyres??!!

  • Blah Blah Blah says:
    23.05.2009 16:42
  • yh yh yh........ that was pretty cool but no offence guys.... and i wouldnt be saying this if i was in the car, but it wasn\'t that incredible a stunt.....

  • Kindred says:
    23.05.2009 11:42
  • It has a lot to do with tyres. First grip on a steel surface that flexes, second the pressure on the tyres...remember it is 6G+ so you have car tyres coping with a load of 6X weight of the car PLUS 6X the weight of the driver. Thirdly, the tyres had to cope with the internal pressure temp changing along with the shock of hitting the ramp at speed. Pretty impressive!

  • MelT says:
    23.05.2009 08:54
  • Ordered Ago-er yesterday, on Purley way, for Granma. She says she won\'t do it unless it comes in yellow with Dunlops. I wanna try it before the 18yr old Vitara goes scrappage. will it need a rocket booster to win a Darwin Award? Hang on - Fatboy XR6000\'s might be too bouncy - anyone wanna swop before she goes?

  • Youii says:
    22.05.2009 17:53
  • Doo it 2 times Next :)

  • Errol - SA says:
    22.05.2009 15:43
  • Great Job Paul! Hope to see it on our screens too.

  • zac says:
    22.05.2009 14:54
  • awesome. So all I have to do is buy those tires, and then I can drive upside down? Awesome! I am going to do it tonight!

  • Oli says:
    22.05.2009 13:31
  • Ey das is doch de Hammer gell?

  • yes i do want to leave says:
    22.05.2009 12:23
  • great Job Paul Bickers. But what has it to do with tyres other than that it was sponsored by a rubber company? Thanks Dunlop for sponsoring this I am pleased you did this because it livened up my lunch time, but I feel you are trying to mislead us. \"w

  • Caro says:
    21.05.2009 20:35
  • Okay, \'Confused\' we are waiting for you! get your skates on then!

  • Caro says:
    21.05.2009 20:34
  • Crikey, that rocks!

  • Mike says:
    21.05.2009 20:22
  • I have a car just like that, where is the loop =D

  • Bertrand says:
    21.05.2009 20:05
  • Superbe! Love the teaser as well now that I see this. Go Team Dunlooooop

  • Bertrand says:
    21.05.2009 20:04
  • Love it! The teaser is hilarious as well. Go Dunloooop!!

  • Super Dupper Chicken says:
    21.05.2009 19:25
  • I do that everyday in Track Mania Nations....

  • The point says:
    21.05.2009 19:08
  • The point is the centrifugal (centripetal?) force is varying and can only push the car against the road so much. At the top of the loop the car is being pulled away from the road by it\'s full weight, the only thing keeping it from falling is the centrif

  • craigus. says:
    21.05.2009 18:58
  • i think people saying that this has nothing to do with the tires are missing the point a bit. its a bloody loop-the-loop! im guessin, maybe the first ever?

  • Paul Bickers says:
    21.05.2009 18:33
  • the build took years off my life with worry, but great result, well driven Steve Truglia. Paul Bickers - Bickers Action - Stunt Engineers for the Stunt -

  • Hanselmann says:
    21.05.2009 18:24
  • Geil! Echt geil, eh!

  • luxx says:
    21.05.2009 18:11
  • That was pretty awesome - I think they should make this a mandatory part of formula car racing!

  • Challngr70 says:
    21.05.2009 18:10
  • Aygo all the way round!!!

  • I want to drive upside says:
    21.05.2009 16:57
  • Rock and Roll! Can anyone do it? (just joking although this is a quote from a colleague who sits next to me: she doesn\'t have a car; she will try it with her bicycle)

  • Likodude says:
    21.05.2009 16:39
  • Pretty sweet, but I wish you could do this using a scooter lol

  • Nitai says:
    21.05.2009 14:42

  • JTRZ says:
    21.05.2009 14:40
  • Awesome! How fast was he going when he entered the loop? Must have been 88MPH to get the Flux capacitor working.

  • CarGuy says:
    21.05.2009 14:39
  • C-forces for sure but it is funny and certainly not a walk in the park with no net - keep your eyes on the line

  • Confused says:
    21.05.2009 13:47
  • Surely tyres have nothing to do with this stunt. It\'s an almost straight line with a huge amount of downforce. You could do it with ice skates.

  • CazzoGrossoInculatore says:
    21.05.2009 13:32
  • I like this loop the loop yeahhhh

  • Karl says:
    21.05.2009 13:24
  • Hmm... surely centripetal force was what was keeping the car on the road?

  • says:
    21.05.2009 11:40
  • That was pretty impressive. Nice tyres.

  • liamunz says:
    21.05.2009 11:33
  • Will we be seeing that on our Motorways next year?

    21.05.2009 11:25
  • Very very very cool

  • Malbonster says:
    21.05.2009 11:23
  • The AWESOMEST stunt ever. My heart is racing. Well done

  • Mark Walmsley says:
    21.05.2009 11:07
  • Great stunt guys. What\'s next? Suggestions anyone? Mark

  • ackworthdp says:
    21.05.2009 10:00
  • Should change your name to Dunloop!!

  • PE says:
    21.05.2009 09:54
  • OMG! WTF! GZ! FYI - Lol! xoxo

  • zuccro says:
    21.05.2009 09:35
  • class. barrel roll next please.

  • Meli says:
    21.05.2009 00:08
  • Hi Dunlop Team gratz for this stunt,

  • Eric45 says:
    20.05.2009 21:44
  • Rock on! GZ on this stunt.